A durable industrial fluorescent lighting fixture for warehouses and more.

 The HE Series by Lumax was developed to provide a highly efficient, flexible lighting solution for industrial applications, athletic facilities and even retail applications.  


HE Series, Shown with Optional Tented Basket
HE – Shown with Optional “Tented Basket”

This fixture, shown above in the inverted position, is often used in gymnasiums and is tough enough to take an occasional impact from a hockey puck or even a basketball.  Constructed of 20 gauge cold rolled steel in our Altoona, Pennsylvania facility, the HE is an American made product designed to last.


Not only is the HE durable, it is flexible.

The HE is a very customizable and efficient industrial fluorescent lighting fixture . The HE can be configured to accept T5, T8, LED and even hybrid bulb configurations.


Another reason the HE stands apart from other fluorescent fixtures is its easy on/off capabilities.  Unlike metal halide lighting (often used to light large and open spaces), the HE can be used with dimmers and occupancy sensors.  This flexibility adds a new dimension of efficiency and can lower energy costs significantly.  

The US EPA suggests that in large buildings, installing occupancy sensors can result in up to 80% energy savings, depending on the application.   Because of its easy on/off capabilities, the HE is a perfect candidate for occupancy sensors and dimmers. Naturally this level of energy savings can translate into significant bottom line savings for your customer, or your business.

Warehouse Lighting
HE shown with optional color


At Lumax, we believe that the customer comes first.  That is why we offer a wide range of options and customizations for our fixtures.  The HE is capable of being produced in 3 lamp, all the way up to 12 lamp configurations.  

Need even more lamps?  Contact your Sales Rep for a custom quote.

Industrial Fluorescent Lighting Fixture


The HE can be mounted in a variety of ways.  The most popular being a hanging pendant or chain configuration, but the HE can also be setup as a surface mounted or even stem mounted industrial lighting fixture.


HE fluorescent lighting fixtures are pre-treated with a phosphate bonding process and post painted with electro-statically applied high temperature baked-white-enamel. This provides a high quality finish that is second to none and will look great for years.


At Lumax we believe that by choosing a high quality durable fluorescent fixture, you or your customer will experience a long service life with our fixtures, saving you the expense of unnecessary repairs or replacement by choosing inferior fixtures.
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