A highly efficient commercial and institutional fluorescent lighting fixture for offices, schools and more.


The Lyric LDE Series by Lumax was designed to provide a highly efficient, aesthetically appealing, low glare lighting solution for offices and institutional facilities such as schools, hospitals and other health care facilities.


Surface SULDE Surface Mounted SULDE

The series includes the recessed LD, LDE, LDELED, LDLED as well as the surface mounted SULD and SULDE products.  All are available as 2 1×4, 2×2 or 2×4.  As a low maintenance lighting solution, the fixture is durable to use in commercial and institutional facilities that demand high performance.  


Utilizing the most efficient acrylic lens formulation currently available, the new Lyric LDE Series achieves optimum fixture efficiency for lowered energy costs. With a high luminaire efficiency utilizing just two lamps Lyric achieves effective light levels lowering your current yearly energy cost of light.

You have the option of choosing reflectors from the standard 90% up to 97% in order to meet your desired efficiency criteria. The Lyric L D and LDE provide extraordinary efficiency for classrooms, office lighting, hallways and other general lighting areas where low energy consumption and high light levels are desired.

LDE Lyric Institutional Luminaire


Giving years of excellent performance, the Lyric LDE Series’ enhanced fixture spacing can be utilized for added energy savings. The fixture provides powerful and even lighting without glare to provide needed light to offices, schools, hospitals and other health care facilities.


Lyric’s unique, faceted reflectors offer a nice alternative, allowing for a very distinguished look with great performance. Customers have the choice of highly reflective paint options in order to complement the interior design of offices, lobbies or corridors.


Available in T8, T5 and LED light sources, you are sure to find the right Lyric by Lumax style fixture to fit any budget. Choose the right size, from 1×4, 2×2 and 2×4 fixtures that are available in both recessed and surface mount versions to suit your work and learning environment.


Manufactured in the USA, the Lyric LDE Series is constructed from high quality steel that exceeds code gauge. The highly reflective, low glare lighting system provides uniform light levels. Designed for easy relamping and access to components, the swing down door assembly aids in simple and low maintenance.

The Lyric L D and LDE Series’ provides a great balance of extraordinary efficiency, consistent volume of light at all viewing angles and pleasing aesthetics just right for classrooms, offices, healthcare, hallways and other general lighting areas where low energy consumption and high light levels are desired.

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