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Lumax Lighting is pleased to introduce our new shallow plenum troffer with drop down door frame. This fixture is ideal for applications where plenum space is very shallow or tight since depth is only 2 inches. The new NCFLED   allows easy access from below using a hinged door frame to service internal components if necessary. This is […]

Lumax Lighting introduces new LED luminaires that change the approach to lighting interior spaces, yielding better looks and performance SCBLED Stylistic “Skinny” Linear Troffer Lumax Lighting has introduced the stylistic SCBLED as an exciting new choice for general office space, classrooms, health care, conference and hallways. This fixture is minimalistic in design yet bold in […]

Lumax Lighting: Higher Lumen Packages on EH LED

Lumax Lighting is pleased to announce higher lumen packages are now available on our EH LED high bay fixtures. Lumen levels for the 2’ version now go to 12,500 lumens, the 4’ to 25,100 lumens, and the 8’ to 50,200 lumens! EH LED brings high performance/LPW and great value to warehouses, industrial, commercial and institutional […]

Lumax Lighting Announces New LED Troffer Series

Lumax Lighting is pleased to announce 2 new series of high performance LED troffers. The LRB LED and LDR LED series’ offer full volume luminaires with a clean, modern look.   The LRB’s sleek appearance and clean lines are enhanced by not incorporating a drop down door frame. The door frame option is included in the […]