Designer Collection for Direct & Indirect Luminaires

Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures for hospitals, health care facilities, offices and retail have never looked so good!

ID Designer Series “River”

Lumax is excited to announce our new Designer Collection for direct and indirect luminaires.   The Designer Collection is a great way to add style, color and efficiency to our direct & indirect series fixtures.

ID triple wave
ID Designer Series “Triple Wave”

The Designer Collection provides a new level of control in light distribution, softness and balance.  Ideal for hospitals, health care facilities and anywhere that mood, feeling and ambiance are desired.

Hospital Lighting Designer "Circles"
ID Designer Series “Circles”

The Designer Collection is especially valuable in situations where patients and or customers will be looking directly at the ceiling for extended periods of time.

These stylish options are designed to work perfectly with our ID and DID fixtures.


The Designer Collection has over a dozen options to chose from.  From subtle and simple, to deep and rich textures.  Lumax is dedicated to providing high quality, flexible and affordable options for all of your lighting needs.

To learn more about the Designer Collection you can download our Brochure by clicking the image below.

designer icon large

If you have questions about this, or any of our other lighting fixtures, accessories or options,  please contact your nearest sales rep today.