Gymnasium and Athletic Facility Lighting Fixtures

Efficient lighting alternatives for atheltic facilities. 

When it comes to lighting the large open spaces of athletic facilities like: gymnasium

  • gymnasiums 
  • tennis courts
  • squash courts
  • hockey rinks
  • horseback riding arenas
  • natatoriums
  • multi-purpose spaces
  • field houses

Be sure to carefully consider your lighting options carefully before choosing a fixture.

These structures with their expansive open areas present a unique set of challenges that can mean the difference between a well lit, energy efficient system or a poorly lit space that is expensive to operate and maintain. 

Naturally, we tend to be biased towards our durable and efficient fluorescent and LED tube series fixtures.  Our fixtures represent the next level in energy efficiency, flexibility, customization, safety and service life and often provide a clear advantage over systems like metal halide lighting.

Lumax offers a wide range of fluorescent and LED fixtures specifically engineered for athletic facilities.

When lighting a large open space like an atheltic facility or a basketball court, typically the choice has come down to the large metal halide systems, fluorescent, and now even LED.  At Lumax we demand that our specially designed gymnasium lighting fixtures are of the highest quality and can withstand years of punishment and service.

Our ever expanding line of athletic facility lighting currently includes these fixtures:

HT slide
HT Series: An all new maximum efficiency, die-formed code gauge, cold rolled steel housed fixture that’s eager and ready to light the largest spaces.

The HT series was designed specifically with large open spaces in mind; it’s tough enough to provide years of service even with an occasional hit from a hockey puck or a basketball.

** Other steel guages, aluminum housings, lenses and wire guards are available as additional options. HT Details Page

athletic facility lighting HET by Lumax

HET Series: For even bigger lighting jobs, replacing high wattage metal halide, this 10 and 12 lamp fixture affectionately known as “The Beast” is ideal for very high ceilings. The HET features all of the same options as our popular HE. HET Details Page

natatorium fluorescent lighting HETI by Lumax Lighting

HETI Series:  This inverted fixture provides a different lighting experience altogther and features an optional tented wire basket which is geat for scenarios where flying objects could get hung up on the fixture. HETI Details Page

tennis court fluorescent lighting fixture EH by Lumax

EH Series: This cost effective and customizable fixture uses a smaller housing than the HETI and HET so it is lighter and a little less bulky, ideal for applications where flying object don’t pose a threat. The EH, being a very efficient fixture can act as an energy saving 1 to 1 replacement for HID High bays. EH Details Page

horseback riding arena lighting HEG by Lumax

HEG Series:  The HEG is another great option for for very high ceilings where grid mounting is necessary with a 95% aluminium reflector it can be an efficient replacement for HID high bays as well. HEG Details Page

All of our athletic facility fixtures are held to high standards of safety and reliability. Since they are not easily accessible for maintenance due to high mounting heights and can be subject to repeated impacts from sports projecticles like basketballs and hockey pucks, durability and lifespan should be factored into the budget. Lumax can provide extra heavy gauge metal and aluminum fixtures, utilizing 11 gauge wire guards and high impact acrylic lenses. Custom (school) colors to further compliment the athletic space can be added to the fixture at a small additional cost.

post stamping painting-processBuilt in our Pennsylvania manufacturing facility, the Gymnasium and athletic facility lineup is manufactured using state of the art technology and the baked-white-enamel finish is applied after fabrication, which helps to minimize the exopsed sharp edges often found on inferior fixtures made by others.

LED and Fluorescent Efficiency vs. Metal Halide Gymnasium Lighting

High quality LED & fluorescent lighting is typically more efficient than metal halide systems, which becomes even more important in a gymnasium or basket ball court.  Athletic facilities that are used often rack up thousands of hours of run time every year therefore the potential savings can be significant.

Depending on the usage scenario, our athletic facility lighting can also deliver more efficiency due to its instant on/off capabilities, which is superior to the minutes of downtime and wasted energy of each on/off cycle of a metal halide fixture. If the application or structure calls for multiple cycles every day, these minutes can easily add up to hours inefficient energy use.

In addition, our fixtures can also be configured to use dimmers and occupancy sensors, which can’t be used with metal halide fixtures because of their long warm-up times. Simply installing occupancy sensors on any LED or fluorescent fixture can reduce power consumption drastically. In terms of per-watt efficiency alone, the HE Series specifically is a high performance design, with 90% efficiency, making it superior to HID high-bay systems in many applications.

Lastly, fluorescent fixtures are somewhat safer than metal halide lamps. Metal halide lamps are pressurized, and when they fail, they can fail violently, shattering into pieces and potentially falling on people and property below.

These unique features make our fixtures a smart choice over metal halide lighting for athletic facilities in many cases.

Mounting and Customization

gymnasium2Depending on your needs, our gymnasium fixtures can be preconfigured to use T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes, but the flexible design also allows clients to order LED or hybrid bulb configurations.

Lumax understands that different customers have very different needs, so the HE is available in a range of sizes, from 3-lamp to 12-lamp configurations. They can also be customized to suit decor or color themes – for example we offer the option to easily customize the color of the fixture to match the colors of your local sports team.

Our manufacturing plant is US-based and employees local labor which means we can be more flexible and expedient in meeting custom or expedited orders while other manufactures rely on overseas labor and shipment increasing lead times, ecological footprint and outsourcing american jobs.

All of our athletic facility fixtures are designed for ease of installtion and maintenance and can be mounted in a wide variety of ways. Typically, in athletic facilities they are usually mounted in a hanging pendant or chain configuration. This means they are relatively easy to install and replace if necessary. Retrofitting them to existing high-bay facilities is a common challenge we can help you tackle as well.

For more information, head over to our product catalog or contact your local sales rep.