Introducing Industrial & Commercial LED Lighting by Lumax

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Lumax is leading the way in industrial and commercial LED lighting technology with over new industrial and commercial LED lighting fixtures. In addition, our LED luminaires can be completely customized to meet your application’s needs and specifications. We paint in house, so choose virtually any color you’d like! Wire guards and numerous lenses are available as well.

But why now? Developments in LED technology now have dramatically improved the light quality from LEDs. No more harsh, white light. In addition to a beautiful, soft light, the cost of LED continues to fall making them a financially attractive option for many applications.

Because of the interest in Lumax LED, we continue to offer more LED options. Check out our LED lighting products page for a complete list of all of our LED fixtures or see our luminaires along with our value proposition in this brief video:

Sustainable LED Lighting

Another reason to get excited about Lumax’s entrance into the LED category…

With Lumax, sustainability doesn’t end with efficient LED lighting, that’s where it starts! We are headquartered and manufacturer lights in Altoona, PA. Our Made in USA LED lights are produced under strict EPA regulations that outsourced LEDs do not need to adhere to. In addition:

  • We seek out domestic suppliers building up local economies and reducing the transportation related carbon imprint of our products.
  • We recycle including paints, metal, and aluminum.
  • We use recycled cardboard in our packaging.
  • We use efficient, high bay lighting ourselves!

You’ll feel good about your decision to purchase LED lights from Lumax because you’re doing the right thing to reduce lighting overhead costs while supporting American made and sustainable products. If you’re seeking LEED certification for your commercial or industrial project, Lumax LED is even more compelling. The US Green Building Council takes materials selection as seriously as we do, so you’ll earn more points towards your certification with our lights compared to the competition.

American Made LED Lighting

To learn more about the full range of Lumax LED products, contact one of our local sales representatives. In this video: Learn about our LED Design Flex Collection for offices, retail spaces and more. Download your copy of the Design-Flex Brochure Brochure for more information contact your local Sales Rep using our Sales Rep Locator.

To learn more about one of our collections of LEDs, the LED Design Flex Collection for offices, retail spaces and more download your copy of the Design-Flex Brochure.

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