Lumax American Made Lighting for Veterans Hospitals

Lumax veteran hospital lighting saginawVA hospitals and medical centers typically require lighting fixtures and construction materials with the highest amount of American made material content as possible.  Lumax Lighting, located in Altoona, Pennsylvania proudly fulfills that need with our Made in USA line of LED & fluorescent lighting fixtures.

Recently, Lumax supplied the Aleda E. Medical Center in Saginaw, MI with a variety of graphic lens (GL) fixtures for a recent renovation.


richard headshot 150“At Lumax, we are honored to serve as a lighting fixture supplier to the veteran facilities in Saginaw and across America.  Our made in USA graphic lens fixtures provide the hospitals with an ability to create a more soothing and even a patriotic atmosphere for some of the most important people in our society, our veterans and service men and women.  We are proud that we can be a part creating that experience for them.”
~ Richard Dance, Lumax President


To the greatest degree possible, Lumax sources and manufactures all of their lighting components within the USA, supporting local jobs and a local supply chain.  Because very little, if any of Lumax’s construction materials are shipped from overseas, the  positive environmental impact is significant as well.

Made in usa led boardUltra Efficient LED Fixtures

Lumax’s new line of ultra efficient LED fixtures like the GLLED and surface mount SUGLLED offer a lifetime of compounding cost and energy savings as well as a host of other benefits that come from switching to LED fixtures.

Economical Fluorescent Fixtures

Just like the LED fixtures, the traditional GL fluorescent fixtures offer the same great lens options.  Lumax’s high quality, American made construction standards are built into every fluorescent fixture as well.

Wide Range lens Options & Customization

 VA hospital lighting fixtures lumax
 Patriotism from floor to ceiling, Lumax’s popular
American flag lens is a hit with Veterans.

The lens options for the fluorescent and LED GL series of fixtures is virtually endless.  Here are just a few lenses being used and enjoyed by VA medical centers, veteran hospitals and healthcare facilities across the USA.  Need a specialty fixture? If you can think of it, Lumax can custom build it for you.

Quality Construction

Lumax’s commitment to the USA goes hand in hand with a commitment to quality.  Because Lumax products are made in their Altoona, PA factory and company headquarters, products are designed, built and shipped from one central location. This gives Lumax maximum control over the quality of the products being made and shipped.

Made in USA:

To the greatest degree possible, Lumax sources materials and assembles all lighting fixtures in the USA. Learn more about our Made in USA certification and the “Buy America Act” here.

Local Supply Chain:

 VA hospital lighting fixtures lumax 2
 Recently selected for it’s soothing “nature”
effect by a VA hospital in
Saginaw, Michigan

Lumax chooses to source many of it’s raw materials from local suppliers. This aligns with Lumax’s commitment to being Made in USA and also supports local skilled jobs.

Local Sales Reps Near You!

Lumax’s extensive network of Sales reps means that you can have an easier time getting the fixtures you need from a competent and helpful expert onsite.  Use our Sales Rep Locator tool to contact your nearest rep and tell them you want Made In USA fixtures by Lumax.

About Lumax:

Since it’s beginnings in 1976, Lumax has offered a complete line of commercial, industrial and institutional lighting products.

 VA hospital lighting fixtures lumax 3
 There are no shortage of lens options
with the GL series of fixtures

In a world of conglomerates in the lighting industry, Lumax remains a locally and privately owned and operated company. With over 150,000 square feet of manufacturing space, the Lumax plant can handle small to large volume orders.  To this day Lumax remains a family owned and operated business.