Lumax Invests In Future

Consistent sales growth and optimism for the future has spurred Lumax to invest for long term manufacturing growth, right in Lumax’s home town of Altoona, Pennsylvania. With the purchase of a new, state-of-the-art Amada, automated turret punch press, Lumax is poised to increase it’s production capacity and it’s product flexibility while decreasing production costs and lead times for our customers.

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In an age of foreign outsourcing of America’s industry, labor and manufacturing sector, Lumax defies the odds with positive growth numbers and continued investment into the American job market.

“Our recent investment in this incredible equipment will allow us to take Lumax to a new level of productivity and efficiency.” ~ Kevin Grace, Lumax Plant Manager.

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Lumax is a leading manufacturer of high performance commercial, industrial, institutional and architectural LED and fluorescent light fixtures built and manufactured in the USA. Since 1976 their offering of standard as well as highly customizable luminaires has proven to be a solid presence in the lighting space, representing a level of quality, performance and commitment to locally sourced materials and skilled labor for years to come.

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Lumax was even featured by a local news station: Here