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LUMAX LED Driver displayThe Environmental Case for Energy Efficient Industrial and Commercial LED Lighting

Commercial and industrial lighting have been changing rapidly due to newly available technologies and other changes in the marketplace. Businesses and institutions are using energy efficient lighting because they want to take advantage of many of their benefits from longer lasting luminaires with less maintenance to increasing cash flow and ultimately realizing a return on the investment. Many industrial and commercial customers are also choosing LED because of the benefits to the environment. 

Green Energy from Industrial and Commercial LED Applications

35 percent of the typical US commercial building’s electricity usage is devoted to lighting taking a bite out of a company’s profits and out of the ozone layer. LED lighting systems offer significant reductions in lighting and overall electricity use in commercial and industrial applications. New light sources and luminaires can cut lighting energy use in half, while keeping the same quality or even improving the light. LED lights have changed significantly in the last few years and can emit a soft, warm light that you would expect from an incandescent fixture. Combined with smart design decisions, LED lights can cut emission and cut costs. 

Company’s are also realizing environmental benefits from LEDs due to longer luminaire life compared to fluorescent, incandescent and high intensity discharge (HID) light sources. High performance lighting fixtures can be used to replace the existing and less efficient HID systems. These fixtures can save up to 50% in energy costs as a one-for-one replacement of traditional HID lighting. This benefit means the potential for lower owning and operating costs due to fewer light replacements and a more efficient fixture. 

LEDs also offers better efficacy (lumens per watt) compared to other sources, which makes them an even more environmentally friendly choice. Finally, mercury is a concern in some luminaires but not with LED; therefore, LEDs are more easily disposed of and a greener choices overall without including a heavy metal in the fixture. Because of better efficacy, durability, and not needing mercury to produce light, LEDs produce less waste than other lighting options.

Environmental Benefits of Choosing Lumax Lighting

Lumax has its own unique green energy advantages. Lumax uses domestic metals such as aluminum, paint, louvers and lenses to the fullest extent possible that reduce transportation distances, and therefore, lower the carbon footprint of our commercial LED lights. Also, recycling is a daily routine at Lumax. Unused materials are recycled as part of our everyday work. By using domestic materials, not only does Lumax reduce emissions, we also recycle currency back into our local, regional and national economy. Lumax is a leader in green energy lighting and creating and protecting American jobs. 

List of Industrial and Commercial LED Lights Green Benefits

In summary, here is a list of the environmental benefits that commercial and industrial LED use offers:

  • Great efficiency reducing overall electricity use
  • Longer life reducing waste and eliminating the hazards of disposing of mercury
  • Better durability reducing waste

Lumax, in particular, provides additional environmental boost to LED lights:

  • Local materials produce less emissions from transport and manufacture
  • Active recycling program

Because of our commitment to the local economy, we recommend contacting your local Lumax representative via our “Sales Rep” page, to talk about your lighting needs today.

To learn more about our sustainability efforts visit the Green Zone