Lumax Lighting Announces Special Application Products

Lumax Lighting is pleased to announce new LED luminaires designed specifically for interior spaces requiring special lighting requirements. These fixtures are listed for clean rooms, wet location, vandal and stairwell applications.

The new CRLED Clean Room luminaire is a recessed fixture designed for areas requiring clean room certification, often described as control and classified areas. Ideal for medical, pharmaceutical, electronics, photographic and data center environments. The primary authority for clean room classifications is the International Organization or ISO. An ISO class 6 cleanroom, for example, equates to a Class 1,000 cleanroom under Federal Standard 209E, which allows for 1,000 particles (0.5 microns or larger) per cubic foot of air. Lumax clean room fixtures were designed and tested to meet these ISO requirements. The CRLED is designed for 1.5” and 2” T bar grid ceilings, and can also be installed into a sheetrock ceiling.

The LGWLED Wet Location luminaire is designed to illuminate areas in which water is present, or can be present, in the interior environment. This fixture has been designed and tested to prevent water from coming into the front face of the fixture. Wet Location listed fixtures keep liquids out of the fixture. The Lumax LGWLED pass the UL prescribed tests to obtain the Wet Location rating. This fixture is available in 2×2 and 2×4 versions, comes with a flush extruded aluminum door frame and choice of acrylic or polycarbonate lens. Suitable applications for the LGWLED include schools, commercial kitchens, shower areas, locker rooms and cafeterias. A damp location luminaire, by contrast, is listed to operate in areas where moderate degrees of moisture can be present.

The COSLED is an economical fixture designed primarily for commercial stairwell applications. Stairwell illuminance is determined by NFPA code as well as local building code requirements that may exceed national code light levels measured in foot candles. NFPA code requires a minimum of 10-foot candles in a commercial stairwell when occupied. The COSLED is designed to comply with all standards and codes as applied to stairwell lighting., both at the fully illuminated level and at the dim level. With dim options of 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% and 50%you are sure to find optimized energy consumption at the required light level. The COSLED is available in 23” and 46” lengths and can house an emergency battery pack to keep the luminaire operating when there is a power outage. This architecturally appealing luminaire provides soft, even illumination using highly efficacious LED’s that are diffused by a frosted acrylic round lens. The occupancy sensor uses highly reliable ultrasonic sensing to help assure an accurate detection of motion.

The RVLED is a durable, vandal resistant recessed luminaire designed for either grid or sheetrock ceilings. Available in 2×4, 2×2 and 1×4 versions, the fixture is constructed of heavy gauge cold rolled steel and the door frame is made or durable extruded aluminum. This vandal resistant luminaire also comes with a choice of polycarbonate lenses and tamper proof screws to inhibit entry into the fixture. The RVLED is ideally suited for schools, locker rooms, restrooms ad other public areas that may be subject the fixture to abuse and vandalism.