Lumax Set To Release New and Innovative LED High Bay & More!

HFLED LED High bay

Lumax Lighting will soon announce its most recent lighting innovation in the LED High Bay category.  Leading the way is the new HF LED High Bay Full Body LED luminaire that brings a distinctive look while delivering effective lumen packages across a wide spectrum of options and configurations not available from others. 

  • The base model begins with an all-aluminum body that house 6 LED boards offering up to 32,400 board lumens. 
  • The light engine and 0-10v dimming driver is the latest from Panasonic’s ULT Universal Lighting Technologies subsidiary. 
  • The sleek, contemporary design of the HF LED distinguishes from all others in the LED High Bay category. 
  • Available as 2×2 up to 16,200 lumens and 2×4 up to 32,400

WNLED LED High bayLumax’s new LED high bay luminaires are affordable, attractive, and can be used in a variety of spaces. Consider the final touch with a choice of any RAL color, done quickly and affordably with Lumax Lighting’s in-house electro static paint process. 

  • The new WN LED wrap narrow 9” body LED powered luminaire brings an affordable option to standard surface mount LED commercial lighting with several size choices. 
  • Select from the 2’, 4’ 8’ or continuous row options utilizing a 2 board cross section or the WHL LED high lumen wrap wide 12” body with a 3 board cross section. 
  • The 4’ WHL LED sports 6 LED boards delivering from up to 15,000 board lumens in an economical design. 

With this type of lumen delivery, the budget conscious low bay and high bay projects become even more affordable!

This new light in the LED High Bay and Industrial category delivers it all: it’s economical, it’s beautiful, and it’s specifications fit a variety of high bay applications like a glove with powerful glare reduction, fixture protection, and flexibility  giving your customers ultimate control. And speaking of controls, all Lumax LED fixtures come standard with a 0-10 volt dimming driver, all ready for setup, to the control system of your choice. 

Stay tuned to the Lumax blog. We’ll be posting all of the specifications and more information about this exciting new product after the launch. At Lumax, we do things differently. We’re always innovating. We’re committed to designing and manufacturing luminaires in the United States and supporting our local economy. 

For more information contact your local sales rep via our sales rep locator page, to get more information and pricing on our whole line of commercial and industrial lighting products here.