Lumax Launches New LED and Fluorescent Fixtures

As a result of exciting advances in our production capabilities and LED technology:

Lumax has released a new lineup of LED, Industrial and architectural fluorescent fixtures.  These new fixtures are designed to fill specific needs in the lighting market and to help make your job of finding the perfect fixture easier than ever.  

Sales reps, distributors and specifiers have a variety of lighting requirements to serve the needs of their customers. Lumax Lighting’s newest products bring innovation and practical solutions together with our leading edge LED products like the architecturally appealing LDC LED series of recessed troffers to the more common WPM LED wall packs for easy and effective replacement of HID fixtures.

NDP Linear Fluorescent

“We are very pleased to announce the exciting new NDP and SUNDx Series of narrow, linear luminaires which provides users the ability to pick vibrant colors and patterns to create a truly unique space.” ~Richard Dance, VP Sales & Marketing

The new line of fixtures are especially suitable for retail, hospitality, schools and dining establishments where specific fixture colors can make a real contribution to the area being illuminated.

For special applications requiring a high lumen enclosed and gasketed fixture the VHI LED is a great choice. This product is a nice complement to the lower lumen VW LED vapor tight fixture introduced earlier in 2013.

Expanding Lumax’s under cabinet category offering with the LEDUC series now allows for even more choices in finishes, lengths and wattages in a dye formed steel case design. Lumax also continues to create new fixture designs to address user related application needs.

with it’s “tent” top allows for a durable fixture to perform in industrial and gymnasium environmentswhere accumulation of objects or debris cannot occur on the back of the fixture.

New Product Guide: 

CSL louvered fluorescent

Channel style louvered fluorescent lighting fixture.
Manufactured by: Lumax Industries, Inc.
Product ID: CSL15446

The CSL Series is ideal for retail and architectural applications.  Learn more about the CSL in our product catalog.  

HT icon  

Designed for commercial industrial applications where maximum fixture efficiency is required.
Manufactured by: Lumax Industries, Inc.
Product ID: HT55448-CO9

The unique shape of the HT series fixture eliminates the possibility of objects like factory debris, or even sporting equipment from laying on the top of the fixture.  Learn more about the HT in our product catalog

LDC series 

Institutional uses in schools, hospitals and other health care facilities to provide light without the glare.
Manufactured by: Lumax Industries, Inc.
Product ID: LDC31422-TWRSF-WOR

The LDC Line is a very high performance enclosed fixture.  To learn more about the LDC and all of it’s options, check out LDC in our product catalog

LDC LED Series 

Exclusive fixture/reflector design for projects demanding extremely high efficiency from an enclosed luminaire.
Manufactured by: Lumax Industries, Inc.

This new LED fixture has the same great features as our LDC series, but the LDCLED is equipped with Lumax’s ultra efficient LED boards and drivers that provide years of maintenance free operation and color balanced illumination.  Learn more about LDCLED in the product catalog. 

LEDUC icon 

Sleek, crisp versatile task and accent fixtures for mounting under shelves or in/under cabinetry.
Manufactured by: Lumax Industries, Inc.

These lights come in three  color variations to compliment your space or with their slim 1″ profile blend in seemlessley into to any space.  To see all of the LEDUC options, check out the LEDUC in our product catalog.  

NPD NDC icon 

High quality louvered or lensed linear luminaire is designed as a complimentary lighting source for distinctive architectural interiors.
Manufactured by: Lumax Industries, Inc.
Product ID: ND6P23248-EO9-DF-WOR

This architecturally inspired lineup, with it’s many color and pattern variations is designed to compliment and enhance distinctive architectural spaces.  Available in 4″ and 6″ widths, this fixture acheives a striking modern look without sacrificing efficiency.  Learn more about the NPD, NDC series in the product catalog.

  SULDC Series  

Clean architectural styling, low profile, superior detailing and finish for commercial and institutional surface mount applications.
Manufactured by: Lumax Industries, Inc.
Product ID: SULDC31422-TWRSF-WOR

This clean, arichtecturally styled, low profile, surface mount  fluorescent fixture is ideal for offices, retail space, schools, classrooms and even health care facilities.  To see all of the option and features of the SULDC head over to the product catalog


Exclusive fixture/reflector design for pro jects demanding extremely high efficiency from an enclosed luminaire.
Manufactured by: Lumax Industries, Inc.

All of the same great features of the SULDC, now availabe in an ultra efficient LED series. Featuring Lumax’s high quality, long lasting LED boards and drivers.  Lumax is making LED accessible to a wider range applications by providing a quality, color balanced light source and years of maintenance free service.  To learn more about the SULDCLED visit our product catalog. 

SUNDx Series 

Surface Mounted Narrow Designer Linear Luminaire with Louver and Lens Option.
Manufactured by: Lumax Industries, Inc.
Product ID: SUND623248-DF-WOR

The SUNDx is ideal for corridors, lobbies, and offices.  Learn more about the SUNDx series in our product catalog. 

VHILED icon 

Versatile, fully gasketed housing provides total protection against corrosion, windblown dust and rain, splashing and hose-directed water, and damage from external ice formation.
Manufactured by: Lumax Industries, Inc.
Product ID: VHILED177l4K48-9FA

Great for factories, food production facilities, parking garages and more.  To learn more, check out the VHILED Series in the product catalog

wpmled LED Series 

The Medium Sized Wallpack is a clean, architecturally appealing waterproof wall mount fixture designed for indoor or outdoor use.
Manufactured by: Lumax Industries, Inc.
Product ID: WPMLED33l5K-9

This simple efficient wall mounted LED fixture is ideal for stairways, parking lots, walkways and foliage and facade applications as well.  To learn more about the WPMLED, check out our online catalog