New CNRLED Applies Aisle Light Right!

Lumax Lighting is pleased to introduce the all new CNRLED luminaire especially designed for aisle lighting warehouse spaces. This narrow fixture is the most effective choice for the illumination of high stacking aisles due to the linear design that provides optimal vertical and horizontal illumination with lower wattage consumption.  This fixture is available in 4’ and 8’ lengths and can be used individually or in continuous rows. Distribution patterns from narrow to very narrow and occupancy sensor option for further energy conservation.

Narrow Beam Options:

  • EAR: Enhanced Aluminum Reflector, Narrowest Beam, Highest Efficacy
  • WR: White PAF (Painted After Fab) Reflector

Power Options:

  • Standard Efficacy: up to 147 LPW
      • From 7,000 to 26,000+ lumens
  • HE – High Efficacy:  up to 167 LPW
      • From 10,000 to 33,000+ Lumens