New Healthcare Luminaires and more from Lumax Lighting

Lumax Lighting has recently introduced a variety of new, high performing fixtures. Using the AIR AIRLED (Advanced Indirect Recessed) exclusive technology, the new MMGLED multi-function patient care luminaire and AIRELED enclosed luminaire provide the most visually comfortable luminance available from a lighting fixture. The MMGLED has 3 compartments for patient room over bed luminance for exam, ambient and reading. The ambient and reading compartments utilize 100% indirect light, creating maximum visual comfort. The AIRELED, also utilizing 100% indirect light, can be used in patient rooms, hallways, waiting rooms and other areas throughout hospital/healthcare facilities. Both the MMGLED and the AIRELED can be used with the optional TW – Tunable White system for a full range of dimming (from 100% – 1%), kelvin temperature control (from 2700k – 6500k) and custom scene settings. These totally enclosed luminaires make for easy cleaning and can come with an anti-microbial paint finish.

Also recently introduced is the ATFLED thermo formed lensed luminaire with drop down door frame. This fixture brings an appealing, architectural style coupled with high performance designed for commercial offices, educational and healthcare facilities.

Lumax has expanded the popular linear slot offering with the N1  die formed steel series. This diminutive new fixture has our smallest form factor and offered as direct or direct/indirect (up/down), and can be surface, suspended or wall mounted. The N2 series now includes a corner box option allowing for suspended, geometric layouts, a flange option for sheetrock ceilings and a 30-degree asymmetric lens option.

To address industrial environments Lumax has added the CNHLED very high lumen, narrow channel (strip) luminaire, achieving extraordinary lumen output and up to 45C/113F degree ambient operating temperature. The New HBSLED  series has been added as an economical choice for high bay and low bay applications. Lumax Lighting’s most popular and robust LED high bay, HBRLED, now boasts a lumen range from 9,000 to over 90,000 lumens, sure to cover all your high bay applications with ambient operating temperatures up to 60C/140F.

For your class 1, 2 and Div. 1, 2 requirements Lumax now offers the EXPLED explosion proof luminaire and the HAZLED hazardous location luminaire.

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