New LED Fixtures Change The Conversation

Lumax Lighting introduces new LED luminaires that change the approach to lighting interior spaces, yielding better looks and performance

SCBLED Stylistic “Skinny” Linear Troffer

Lumax Lighting has introduced the stylistic SCBLED as an exciting new choice for general office space, classrooms, health care, conference and hallways. This fixture is minimalistic in design yet bold in performance. The very skinny lens brings the appearance of a linear fixture yet with the distribution expected from a full volume, general purpose troffer. The diminutive body is less than 2.5” in depth, 12” in width and weighs less than 2 pounds and looks great when mounted end to end or separately. This fixture has high efficacy providing low consumption and adaptable with integrated controls for even more effective energy management. To assure the best in form, fit and function get “Skinny” with the new SCBLED from Lumax Lighting.

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New CNRLED Applies Light Right!

Lumax Lighting is pleased to introduce the all new CNRLED luminaire especially designed for aisle lighting in warehouse spaces. This narrow fixture is the most effective choice for the illumination of high stacking aisles due to the linear design that provides optimal vertical and horizontal illumination with lower wattage consumption. This fixture is available in 4’ and 8’ lengths and can be used individually or in continuous rows. Distribution patterns from narrow to very narrow and occupancy sensor option for further energy conservation.

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New CILLED Linear Commercial/Industrial Powerhouse

Unprecedented high lumen packages found here with the new Commercial / Industrial Linear CILLED by Lumax Lighting. This great looking linear luminaire can boastfully attain lumens packages of 12,000 lumens in 2’ version, 20,000 lumens in 4’ version and 40,000 lumens in 8’ version. Coupled with the high lumen ranges is very high efficacy and optional integrated controls. The CILLED is ideal for large, open interior spaces with high ceilings like factories, warehouses and conference spaces where a full volume of light is preferred, including a natural up light component to fill the entire space.

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“HE” High Efficacy Option Now Available On High Lumen Fixtures

Lumax Lighting Now offers “HE” High Efficacy option to gain 15-20 improvement in lumens per watt. These fixtures now come with the HE option,

  • HBRLED All-Purpose, High Performance LED Low Bay/High Bay
  • HBLLED General Purpose LED Low Bay/High Bay
  • LGHLED High Lumen Recessed Low Bay/High Bay
  • CNRLED Aisle Lighter Low Bay/High Bay
  • CILLED Commercial Industrial Linear Low Bay/High Bay