New LED fixtures for industrial, retail, athletic facilities, hospitals and more!

Lumax Lighting is pleased to announce the release of several new LED lighting fixtures for use in commercial spaces, industrial facilities, sports arenas, factories, schools, hospital/health care and retail stores. These fixtures have been developed to broaden our LED offering with great performing luminaires at affordable prices.

Lumax Lighting has been trusted since 1976 to provide interior lighting fixtures for virtually all interior applications. Along with a full complement of standard fixtures Lumax has the in-house ability to modify or customize to specific applications. 

louvered 1000pxIndustrial LED Fixtures

Included in the 1st quarter 2015 introduction is the EH LED & EH LED L fixture ideal in warehouses and for aisle lighting, with an optional louver to help shield unwanted glare especially at lower mounting heights. 

Enviro friendly office LEDs

The new LCB LED and LDB LED are designed as eco-friendly luminaires for commercial office spaces, schools and health care environments. These high performance LED fixtures are designed for an extremely long service life, provide an architecturally appealing look in the ceiling and use less materials for conservation of resources.

Economy Vapor Tight Fixture

Our new VWBT LED is an economical addition to our vapor tight series of sealed and gasketed luminaires for more challenging environments where wet conditions or extreme temperatures occur.   Lumax Lighting now has the most extensive offering of vapor tight fixtures that include applications for parking garages and very high lumen requirements. 

MCLLED 1000Health Care Facilities:

Lighting for health care facilities has been a strength for Lumax for many years and each year we expand our product offering to service this demanding market segment. Low profile luminaires like the LDB LED at just 3” depth and the new MCL LED center lens patient ambient / exam fixture are examples of responding with new technology.

All of our health care luminaires can come with special anti-microbial coating on both the lens and exposed metal parts. In addition low voltage controllers are available for easy patient control and switching. The GL LED graphic lens luminaires provide the preferred look in many health care areas to improve the atmosphere and mood of the environment with graphic designs than can create a skylight appearance.

About Lumax:

Since it’s beginnings in 1976, Lumax has offered a complete line of commercial, industrial and institutional lighting products.

In a world of conglomerates in the lighting industry, Lumax remains a locally and privately owned and operated company. With over 150,000 square feet of manufacturing space, the Lumax plant can handle small to large volume orders.  To this day Lumax remains a family owned and operated business.