New, Made In USA LED Products Raise the Bar In Efficient Industrial Lighting

At Lumax: What’s Inside Matters! 

We believe that what is inside our fixtures is just as important as how great our fixtures look on the outside.  

If you are concerned about the quality, life span and energy efficiency of your building project, you’ll want to hear more about what’s inside our new American made LED lighting fixtures. 

The benefits of choosing LED lighting fixtures are becoming hard to ignore.  Now, with Lumax, the list of benefits is even longer

Typical LED Benefits: 

  • Made in usa led boardCompounding energy savings over time
  • Decreased maintenance cost 
  • Longer service life 
  • Greater light control 

Unique Lumax LED Benefits:

  • Complete fixture customization to your needs and specs
  • Made in USA components (to the greatest degree possible)
  • Built & assembled in Altoona, Pennsylvania USA
  • Raw materials sourced from local vendors
  • Excellent quality control & environmental standards VS.  mass produced fixtures imported from overseas 
  • The lowest carbon footprint in the lighting industry. 
Visit our newly updated Green Zone for more info on Lumax’s approach to American Sustainability. 

A New, Brighter High Bay LED!HFLED

The new HFLED, and HFNLED make choosing a new high bay simple.  

The new, ultra efficient HFLED all aluminum fixture features  a high lumen package and temperature rating of 54C / 129F. 

The HFNLED offers a more affordable steel body with a temperature rating of 60C / 140F with many of the same great features as the HFLED.

Our mirror-reflector finish boosts efficiency and light distribution control, while our deeply recessed LED boards eliminate glare. Both fixtures are also available with a host of shielding options like lenses and wire guards.

They are also both available in narrow, medium and wide distributions.

Did we mention Customization?

All Lumax fixtures can be customized to suit your project specs.

  • Select virtually any paint color – we paint in house! 
  • Wire guards available 
  • Various lense options available for efficiency and style

Our New Ultra-Efficient Drop Lense LED!CDL LED Drop lense LUMAX

Designed to meet that perfect balance of quality, efficiency and affordability,  the CDLLED and the fluorescent CDL drop lense, continuous fixtures are a great economical choice for surface mount (wall & ceiling) applications. 
They also feature a number of optional designer pattern film lenses to customize the mood, efficiency and aesthetics of your project space. 


Our New Narrow Grid LED 

Narrow Grid LED Narrow post mount LED
Available as an LED or Fluorescent  fixture, this handsome looking, quality fixture has many style and efficiency options to choose from. 
Our narrow fixtures line also includes our new NLED G and NLED -P Designer Series, available in both LED and fluorescent.

Bring Back the Fun!

 ND LED designer
The SUND LED Designer Series puts the fun back in lighting fixtures!  
With our mix and match colors, patterns and lenses, the SUND can be the finishing touch that your space was missing.
Primarily used as an accent fixture, the exciting and customizable SUND LED Designer can complement almost any space where aesthetics are a priority. 


Lumax LED: Raising The Bar, Lowering the Price 

WNLEDThe efficiency benefits of LED are now available in some of our most affordable fixtures.  
Introducing the WN LED and WHL LED fixtures. These economical wrap fixtures feature our long lasting LED boards and drivers. 
  • Optional Lenses
  • Compounding Compounding Compounding savings
  • Longer service life
  • Decreased maintenance costs 
  • Maximum light control 
Available in a large variety of lumen/wattage combinations 

Learn more about our: WN LED and WHL LED Fixtures. 

A New Option for Medical Centers

Medical Lighting FixtureIntroducing our new MCL fixture: Exclusive fixture/reflector design for projects demanding extremely high efficiency from an enclosed luminaire.
The MCL provides patient rooms with non-glare ambient direct examination lighting.
Also available as an LED fixture. 
Learn more about the MCL Series


Revit files now included in our online product catalog!

Revit files lumax lighting
In order to serve our customers better, we are now including Revit Files on new fixtures added to our online product catalog.  Revit files allow engineers, architects and contractors to more accurately model and estimate various design and construction elements of a given project. 
Lumax has what you need for your next building project.  Proudly made in the USA, customized to your specifications.  
Lumax Lighting, Great American Lighting Fixtures Since 1976.