Step Up To The Bar with the New HBR LED “High Bar” Luminaire


Designed to meet the highest performance in efficacy, mounting height, ambient temperature ranges and lumen packages. This fixture is ideal for virtually all low bay and high bay  applications.

Extraordinary mounting heights can be realized due to the high LED lumen packages available.  Each precision manufactured LED light bar can emit over 12,000 lumens. Need more light? Just add bars! Perfect for commercial/industrial/institutional environments like warehouses, big box retail, hangars, assembly operations, manufacturing areas, multi – purpose spaces, sports facilities like gymnasiums, tennis courts and field houses.

The LED “High Bar” luminaire is ideal for very high ceilings due to its powerful luminance capability and very long life, projected well over 100,000 hours. This high quality fixture is made from USA parts and labor including an  aluminum extruded heat sink with smooth mill finish and post painted 20 gauge steel drive channel and end caps. Access from below the fixture by simply removing 2 screws from the face of the driver cover to access LED driver or 2 screws removed from the end cap to access LED boards. Boards and drivers are the latest generation of Philips brand Xitanium drivers and Fortimo boards.

Suspending the HBR LED is also as easy as snapping on the Y Cable and Hook system to the eye hooks on the back of the fixture, or pendant stem mount. There are no limits to dimming or sensor options either. The low 2” profile and short, slender configuration makes the HBR LED “High Bar” a great looking, modern addition to almost any high ceiling, indoor environment. This fixture is designed to offer direct downward focused light, but if indirect light is required the light bars can be inverted to provide indirect up light or direct-indirect up/down light. Truly the most versatile LED high bay available … Bar None!

Other Key attributes include:

  • 138 LPW Attainable
  • Multiple Sensor Options
  • Distributions: Wide – Narrow
  • From 9,000 to 75,000+ Lumens
  • Direct, Indirect, Direct/Indirect
  • Easy mounting  / Easy Maintenance
  • Less Than 2” profile / 2’ and 4’ Light Bars
  • Wide Operating Ranges, -30 C to 55C+ (60C with 4 Bar System)
  • Variety of lensing options: Clear  –  Frosted  –  Polycarbonate- Wire Guard