The Cost Effective WN Wraparound Fixture

The WN is part of a collection of cost effective wrap style fixtures created to provide higher light levels in a low profile luminaire for commercial and institutional lighting.

WN wraparound fluorescent fixture

The WN is ideal for facilities such as schools, hallways, offices, laundromats, industrial and retail applications. As Lumax’s most popular commercial wraparound fixture, the WN Series is part of a diverse lineup of fixtures, available in 24, 36, 48 and 96 inch wraparounds.


As a low profile luminaire made specifically for retail, commercial and institutional facilities, the WN series is designed to offer strength and durability in demanding situations.

This commercial wraparound features a one piece lens that is made from 100% clear virgin prismatic acrylic. The unique prismatic pattern also offers greater control over brightness and lighting distribution.

The WN wraparound fixture also features a self-hinging lens that hooks onto the full length of the housing and may hinge from either side.  As with all Lumax fixtures, we can paint it to suit any color scheme of your surroundings.


With its low profile design and durable construction the WN is a great choice for schools, offices, laundromats and hallways.

The WN can be either pendant or surface mounted, or it can be constructed to be arranged in continuous rows.

Construction & Options

For superior quality and increased durability, all metal parts of the commercial wraparound fixture are pretreated with a phosphate bonding process. They are then post-painted with an electrostatically applied high temperature baked white enamel.

The WN series is ideal for commercial and institutional facilities that demand lasting performance for every day use, especially with its available options. 

The WN is also available with optional durability features like a 20 gauge cold rolled steel (CRS) housing. Thicker lens options can also be specified.

When moisture may be present in the environment the WN series is also suitable for damp locations. Fixtures are also available in aluminum body to protect it from moisture damage.

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The WN Series is an durable cost effective luminaire that is easy to service and maintain. The WN is commonly used in schools, hallways, offices, laundromats, industrial and retail applications.
Manufactured by: Lumax Industries, Inc.
Product ID: WN23248-EO9SA

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