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Lumax understands the growing need for more energy efficient lighting and eco-conscious business practices.  Installing an energy efficient lighting system can not only save you thousands of dollars over time, but also keep your business relevant and up-to-date in the eyes of your customers who are becoming more environmentally and energy conscious.

 Lumax is taking an active role in environmental awareness and energy management.

•Lumax fixtures are produced under the strict US Environmental Protection Agency guidelines to assure environmentally friendly production processes. These standards do not apply to fixtures made outside the USA.

•Lumax makes use of domestic USA parts suppliers whenever possible to reduce transportation distances, thereby reducing fossil fuel usage and reduced CO2 emissions.

post stamping painting-process•Lumax recycles by-products from the manufacturing processes including paint, metal and aluminum.

•Lumax Lighting uses recycled cardboard for packaging of all fixtures.

•Lumax has converted their facility lighting to high efficiency high bays operating on occupancy sensors, achieving greater than 50% energy reduction.

What is in the Fixture Should matter… LEED and Sustainability

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an ecology-oriented building certification program run under the auspices of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

LEED concentrates its efforts on improving performance across five key areas of environmental and human health:

  1. Energy efficiency,
  2. Indoor environmental quality,
  3. Materials selection,
  4. Sustainable site development and
  5. Water savings.

Why should you switch to LED?

LUMAX LED Driver display

The Environmental & Economical Case for Industrial and Commercial LED Lighting

It is estimated that lighting alone can consume up to 35% of a buildings total energy consumption.  When you take into consideration the lifetime savings of what an LED system can provide, it often becomes an economical no-brainer.

Most people don’t know that recent developments in LED technology can now produce LEDs that emit a soft, warm light similar to what you would usually see from a traditional, more energy hungry  incandescent fixture.

Green Energy for Industrial and Commercial LED Applications?

Industrial and commercial lighting continue to rapidly evolve because of newly available technologies. Organizations are increasingly leveraging ultra efficient lighting like our LED series because of their long term energy savings, low maintenance and even their aesthetic appeal.

Additional Benefits of going LED:

  • Superior Service Life
  • Compounding Energy Savings
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Excellent Light Control
  • Constructed with more environmentally friendly materials than fluorescent
  • No Mercury
  • Easy On/off
  • Produces less industrial waste during manufacture than fluorescent

Lumax Lighting raises the bar with LED fixtures made right here in the USA! 

Environmental Benefits Unique to Lumax LED Lighting

Lumax has its own unique green energy advantages. For instance, Lumax uses domestic materials such as aluminum, paint, louvers and lenses to the fullest extent possible that reduce transportation distances and therefore, lowers the carbon footprint of the manufacture of our commercial LED lights.

Lumax is a leader in green energy lighting & creating and protecting American jobs.

Lumax Lighting Domestic Materials Selection & our Sustainable Advantage:

  • Steel, Aluminum :  Pennsylvania or Ohio
  • Paint : Pennsylvania or Virginia
  • Acrylic : Pennsylvania or New Jersey
  • Corrugated (recycled): Pennsylvania or Maryland
  • Labor : Pennsylvania (local and regional jobs)
  • Local materials produce less emissions from transport & manufacture
  • Active recycling program

Click Here for a full  listing of Lumax LED fixtures

Lumax provides many ways to lower the electric bill including our retrofit kits. 

Lumax offers a variety of fixture conversion kits to upgrade existing fixtures.

To view all of our Green Zone Retrofit kits: Click Here

Energy Management / Fixtures with integrated Occupancy Sensors:

Wall Mount Luminaires (ideal for stairwells, corridors and public restrooms)

Click Here for wall mount fixture options.

When you save energy you not only save money, you actually help to create a better world for our children and grandchildren.

Contact your local sales rep to learn more about how Lumax , American made fixtures can benefit your next project.


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