VTMX “Virtually Indestructible” Industrial Lighting Fixture


What do you do when you need high quality lighting in a dangerous, or hazardous environment?

Are your fixtures prone to vandalism,  impact, or other sorts of damage?

At Lumax Lighting, we are committed to providing the best possible industrial lighting fixtures that will out-last and out-perform any fixture on the market.
Parking Garage Lighting indestructible VTMX 500

That is why we are proud to release our all new VTMX “Mighty Max”  virtually indestructible luminaire.   How indestructible?  You can find out for yourself by watching our VTMX get run over by a 30,000 pound 18-wheeler!

VTMX Series
VTMX is ideal for situations where your lighting fixtures are prone to damage, dust humidity and moisture. Our advanced, high impact polycarbonate lens and housing is designed to withstand years of weather and abuse. Available in many sizes and configurations to suit any application, the mighty max will deliver years of durable service in areas like parking garages, construction sites, car washes, gymnasiums and anywhere that a lighting fixture might be prone to damage.

If you are interested in learning more about availability and pricing on our new “Mighty Max,” visit our product catalog or contact your nearest sales representative today with our  sales rep locator.

Lumax lighting, is a leading manufacturer of  high quality fluorescent industrial fixtures.  Lumax lighting has been producing custom, high quality fluorescent lighting fixtures for over 35 years.  If you have a unqiue application that requires specialized fixtures or custom dimensions, contact us today to learn more about how Lumax Lighting can assist you with your next project.